Black princess <3

Trying to be the perfect daughter,

Trying to see the clearness of the water,

Dreaming to get rid of the pitch black landscape in front of me,

Dreaming to add elegant strokes of lavish and subtle colours,

Walking high with a crown embracing that this is me,

I am not anyone else but the black princess,

Walking on my high heels trying not to trip nor fall  into a dead trap ,

Sailing far from home conquering the dark side to finally accept who I am,

Sailing through an annihilating dark storm,

Knowing that something way above the stars is protecting me ,

knowing that its encouraging me to seek far and beyond,

Teaching me to to humble myself,

Trying to be seen in my actual form instead of covering up to be someone I am not,

Trying to let people know that I am a woman but I can hold the shield, sword and fight from my heart,

Dreaming to find  inner beauty instead of outer beauty trying to humble my soul trying to see I,

Dreaming to have what I call perfect love from a handsome prince,

Dreaming to see me walk happily with my heels and my head high.


#blackprincess ❤






Freedom Glee

Thinking about all the points of sorrow that occur in a beep,

Thinking about all the seconds of delight and glee,

Thinking about all the bumps and bruises along the great journey of the sea’s,

Thinking about how I can set my wings free, 

Hurtling across the sky of freedom glee,

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step up the mountain steep,

A voice telling me you are a jewel that’s meant to be free ,

I finally feel me, 

See me,

hear me,

breath me,

most of all I am the original me,

I am finally flying above freedom glee.



Finding the key to the lock

Life unfolds with myths we have to solve they can be dark or light,

Life unravels unfinished scrolls that we have to complete they can be moments of sadness or moments of joy,

Life unlocks the path goodness and evilness,

Life lays the cruellest stories and the most loving stories ahead for us ,

life marks the greedy and the grateful ,

Life has one powerful dark eye and one powerful bright  eye ,

Life mends the holes in our hearts or opens the holes in our hearts ,

life rides to different corners , places dark or bright,

life turns and churns the wrong way or the wright way ,

Life shows the true colours of you and me it could be bright like the sun or dark and evil like the strikes of thunders,

My grandpa told me  everywhere you go there is  a lock and there is always a key that leads to the path of darkness and cruelty and there always a key that leads to pure love and light.


At times I feel like I am a mystery to my self .





Painful stinging tears run down my burning cheeks,

Sad feelings corrupting your brain,

pitch black,

The air taste of sorrow , anxiety and depression,

The whisperers are happy you are entering their world of sadness,

The clouds go black with fears,

Thunder annihilating the happiness,

Turning it into misery,

Painful stinging tears run down my burning cheeks,

Feeling like I exploded like some bomb that no longer exists,

Feeling no peace just pure sorrow ,

Delicately weaving its way through your heart,

Leaving you hanging like a carcass,

Feeling like why don’t I just enter my grave now,

Ripe tears run down thick , bold and black,

Stealing your imagination fading away buried and lost ,

The demons ripen with joy,

As the sorrow continues to delicately unfold its way through me,

Will the painful black tears stop running down my hot cheeks?






Hey readers.

Sometimes you make friends ,

They make you feel good,

Then they just dump you like your nothing,

They hurt your feelings,

They start blanking you,

Your like what did I do,

Making true friends is so hard,

Finding who to trust as a friend is hard,

True friends are rare,

Some people just take the mick out of you,

It’s nice to have a true friend,

Someone who has your back,

Who cares about you ,

Has feelings for you,

Who sees you as somebody worth it,

Who respects you,

Who helps you and you help them.

Someone where you can be like “yeah this is my friend”,

Friendship is about : Love,Care,Honesty, trust and fun (Rebellious fun obviously 😝).

So peoples choose your friends carefully ,

Ones that get you ,

Ones that feel you,

Ones that know you,

Ones that love you from the bottom of their ♥️.








Save me from myself

Oh lord please save me from myself,

Oh prophet of god please do intercede for me,

Save me from my ego,

Save me from the whispers of the dark,

Save me from the sly devil,

Save me from my own demons that hide inside me,

save me from all types of evil that lay in the heart of mankind ,

And the evil beyond the unseen,

Save me from my inner pride that I may present wrong,

Save me before my senses hit the ground,

Save me before evil hits me and I can’t turn around,

I need to save myself therefore I am the only one who can save me from myself.








We moved into a spooky, gloomy house I could pick up a scent of a rot dead body from miles away. I could hear weird sounds echoing from all areas in this frightening haunted house. I could see nasty looking spiders feeding their babies. Outside instead of seeing pigeons I could see white ghosts hovering around and whispering my name “Sophia” I screamed in terror “ahhhhhh”. My own body turned around itself in front of me was this tall weird creature looking at me wearing black and dark misty green creature it was an evil witch with no pure heart. She grabbed me with her disgusting hands. I screamed in horror “HELP MOTHER”. This felt like my heart was about to be torn in to pieces, ghost surrounded me, spiders sent their babies “IT WAS ATTACK TIME RUN!!!!” I shouted so frantically to the very top of my lungs “RUNNNN”. We all fell to the ground BOOOM!! A strike of shocking bright striking thunder I felt like it was the last moment of my life screaming “FATHER, MOTHER!!” I ran so fast I couldn’t control how fast I was running. Me my own self fell to the ground and cried a whole pool out. I caused all this by not staying next to my deer beloved mother. I lost hope in searching for my mum and dad .I felt so lost, so hurt, so much chaos I caused , I felt all tried and stress I lay on the nature autumn wall all sleeping in the leaves making crunchy noises,” I ask myself.“ WILL I SEE MY PARENTS AGAIN !!!.



I wake up to the sound of rough rustling through the crunching leaves .

I look in every direction,

In my head I’m scared with fear

I look in every direction,

I’m shaking with fear,

Can’t rest my head properly,

I keep on tossing and turning,

Thinking about my parents,

I look in every direction,

Regretting our move in to sinister house,

Will I find my home again,

There is no daylight it’s just filled with a scent a strong scent of pure evil,

Evil of people with dark wholes in there hearts,

I look around nothing but an area filled with big cobwebs,

The smell of blood just shoved up my nose,

The sound of ghosts with their hoarse voices screaming my name constantly,

I’m really lost nothing but danger pure danger annihilating the circle of trees I’m stuck,

Nothing making sense to me ,

I feel a hand touch me ,

What could it be…





I am……

probably black,

probably  white ,

Probably mixed race,

probably Muslim ,

probably christian ,

probably Atheist,

I may be………….

Skinny, fat, slim, chubby, small, big, tall,short.

WHY DOES IT MATTER about how we are referring to colour, religion,shape and form?

Why is that the most important thing in the world to us?

We cannot change our form, our shape, our colour.

Maybe in this day and age you can .

But you don’t need because you are special.

Make sure you wear your own crown.

Most importantly BE YOU!

So smile, because god made you unique.

If you think you don’t like the way you are.

The truth is, you look beautiful in god’s eyes.

So walk with your heels and your head high.







Catch my flow

Do you ever feel that you are nothing,

Because of a person’s words,

Than catch my flow,

Because you are going to let it hurt than let it go,

let it go fast not slow ,

let it hurt than let it fly,

To the extent that know one can bring you down from so high,

let it hurt than let it glide,

Because god is by your side,

Never letting you glide,

Let it hurt than let it crumble to pieces,

Because no one can unshred them if you stand your ground,

If you have caught my flow ,


Let it go ,

Let it fly,

Let it  glide,

Let it slide ,

Most of all let hurt than let it go .