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lovely quote 6

This is a quote for girls who think that they wanna be to be a princess you  are  your   own princess beautiful . We are all princess who have an amazing characters . We all think that we have look a certain  and act in a certain way . No you are your own princess I call myself princess safiyyah and I still be myself and not trying to copy   princess cinderella or aurora.  so be your own self ( be your own princess ) .


lovely quote 5

This quote is one thing that goes wrong nowadays and I am not pointing out to a certain group of people this is all of us literally all of us .People want to be like other people ,they try act like them and be like them. We believe they are cool because their famous. We have very big differences: colour , cultures , family , backgrounds , character , religions . We all don’t realise that we all have special , different  characters .Trust me even I forget I see this beautiful fashion designer and be like ooooooh I wanna be like her . we do that  a lot and we forget about our characters and try to be and try to be famous.strong-inspirational-quotes

lovely quote 4

This quote is about learning somany people don’t know the gift of learning . This one good example . before knowing the gifts of learning this was me “ughhhhh I hate homework , I hate school , all this stuff is useless” . I did not know the gift of learning till my mum put me in this online tuition called NACH education . I did not know I couldn’t do business and work without maths .  without Science I did not know about how food travels down your digestive system. Without English  I  did not know you had to study before having a blog. SubhanAllah learning is an amazing and great gift .download